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Welcome to our

Crowded Van

A Sprinter Van Build Journey

Our Sprinter is a 2016 144" High Roof Passenger Van. Over these past years the van has been lots of fun on road trips and weekend getaways. We now feel it's time to kick the van up a notch and convert it into more of a camper van. 

Due to the pandemic, up-fitters are either closed or backlogged for months as a result of the high demand for conversion vans. Hence, I will be doing everything myself.

Almost everything about this build I learned from others who went through the same process. After many hours of reading and watching videos I feel ready to move forward with this conversion. I'm hoping I can pass on some helpful knowledge to the next person taking their van on its next adventure.


In each entry, I will not only describe what I did, but also explain some reasoning as to why. I will also make note of what materials and tools I used. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. 

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